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*British Columbia Service Alert - Due to the natural disaster caused by severe flooding and landslides impacting the roadway infrastructure and rail lines in the province of British Columbia, all delivery carrier partners are managing significant ground delays into and out of this area. A state of emergency has been applied in the province, with prioritization to restore access for emergency services and essential supplies for the communities affected. Deliveries will resume once it is deemed safe to do so. This is an extremely difficult situation for many people in B.C. Your support and patience through this time is appreciated.

*General Service Alert - As consumers continue their online shopping in preparation for the upcoming peak season holidays, small parcel delivery volumes are anticipated to be very high this time of year. Health and safety of everyone continues to be the core focus. Our carrier partners have been preparing for this season, but as a result of the higher volumes there may be some delivery delays experienced. We appreciate your patience. Stay safe!

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